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Health and Safety in TV and Film, is it a waste of time?

It has got me thinking. I spend a lot of time working in film and TV (primarily on commercials). Over the last few years I've been called the fun police, a sheep, and my favourite "you're everything that's wrong with our industry" by a particularly old school rigger.

I am happy to say all the clients I work with put Health and Safety first.

But I've heard horror stories from the drama and action side of the industry. Freelancers approach me and ask quietly about some issue they had on a previous production, "what would you have done, what should I have done?"

My plea to everyone working in the TV and film industry. Please do some form of training, it doesn't need to be long or arduous but do something. Question the status quo.

There are people like Calvin Hanks, MSc MSc PgC CMIOSH FIIRSM TechIOA MCIEH offering industry recognised qualifications such as the ScreenSkills passport or for managers IOSH Managing Safely designed especially for people working in productions.

Dare to be different.

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