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Competent Person

Allow your company to comply with statutory provision

Service Description

Why do I need to appoint a Health and Safety Advisor? The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, Reg 7 requires each employer to appoint one or more competent persons to provide advice and guidance to the company on matters of health and safety. Most companies do not have the necessary resources to employ a full time safety advisor. This service allows your company to comply with the statutory provision at a vastly reduced cost to employing a full time safety advisor, calling upon professional support as and when required, but still allowing you to designate the 202 Group Limited as your ‘Competent Person’ for matters of Health and safety. Prices start from £300 a month but vary dependent on size of company. Engaging us as your competent person gives you Monday-Friday (weekends for an additional fee) telephone advice as part of this service

Contact Details

  • London, UK

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