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Event Safety Management Plan

A bespoke plan written for your Event/Festival

Service Description

The concept of an Event Management Plan can be found in early event industry guidance such as the original Event Safety Guide (1999), paragraph 38: “To provide a comprehensive overview to all these planning aspects it may be helpful to produce an event safety management plan.” This was confirmed and expanded as part of the 2013 re-write as defined in chapter 2.43 of The Purple Guide (2013): “It is useful to summarise and consolidate information into a single authoritative document, commonly referred to as an Event Management Plan (the Safety Plan). This will vary significantly in size and detail, depending on the scale and complexity of the event.” A key consideration is that the Event Management Plan is not a standalone document, but forms part of the overall Event Safety Plan which will include risk assessment / method statement documentation and information that complies with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM). In addition the Event Management Plan should be a dynamic document which is reviewed and updated as information becomes available, situations change or plans develop. It is also important that full document control is in place to ensure that key stakeholders are not working from out of date documentation. The Event Management Plan document will vary greatly in size, detail and scale depending on the type and size of the event. A small meeting or conference may only have a short document which highlights the key features – larger, more complex events may have documentation which runs to hundreds of pages – if required.

Contact Details

Originally from a live music background, The 202 Group became involved in technical productions and venue operations and is now deeply entrenched within the music and event sector. After 10 years working in the licensed trade and event industries they began to diversify their experience and now has significant experience in safety management across a wide range of events and festivals.

London, UK

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