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Over the last few years we have built up a number of production companies who continue to ask to ask for our pre-shoot advice and risk assessments.

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A health and safety advisor can prove to be a highly valuable asset to a production, ready to facilitate various otherwise time-consuming tasks effortlessly:

Risk Assessments – Our H&S advisors can collaborate with you to create or review risk assessments pertinent to your planned activities. Commonly known as RAMS (Risk Assessment and Method Statement), these documents will pinpoint all potential hazards and issues. They will then outline relevant methods of addressing and mitigating the risks or issues, ensuring that the work proceeds in a safe manner.


Pre-Shoot Advice – Our advisors can assess your plans, identifying any hazards that may impact the execution of activities during the shooting stage. This advice is typically provided remotely and results in a concise report outlining the safest parameters for achieving your goals. This is especially important for activities like vehicle stunts, water hazards, or when crew/cast members are required to work at heights.

Pre-Shoot & Location Recce – We can assign one of our skilled health and safety advisors to inspect a shooting location for potential hazards. This includes assessing risks such as falls, subsidence, fire hazards, poor footing, and traffic/environmental hazards. Additionally, the advisor will examine access to ensure that crew vehicles and facilities can reach the location. 

On-Site Advice & Compliance – Our advisors can be on-site throughout the shoot and/or build, offering on-demand safety advice and ensuring compliance with established policies and procedures.

Please contact us if you need our assistance -

Money Supermarket - Pulse Films

The 202 Group were invited back to work with Pulse Films on behalf of the RAMSS Group to offer pre-shoot advice and detailed risk assessments. Location Hazards featured, stunts, drones, shooting on roads and lowloaders. (Click below to watch)


Defiant Dancer - Biscuit Filmworks 

The 202 Group offered pre-shoot advice remotely to Biscuit Filmworks to enable this poignant installation within Covent Garden. (Click below to view)


Talk Talk - Outsider

Having been invited back to work on this commercial by our friends at Outsider this allowed us to offer specialist advice on filming on a low-loader and within a petrol station. (Click below to watch)

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